• We all have a favorite super-hero, do you have a favorite arch-villian?

    Mine would be Victor Von Doom. He is the epitome of a cold hearted, sadistic, super genius S.O.B. Pardon my french. :punk:
  • Oh, mine must be the Joker.
    The complexity of his character is really something.
    I even got a big tattoo of the joker on my back.
  • I agree with the Dr. Doom choice. He is most capable. I liked Ultron vs. the Avengers. He/it just never stopped coming. I also like Magneto (although he sometimes shows he would make an excellent hero). Thanos comes to mind as well as Galactus. Apocalypse has been a worthy opponent for the X-Men. One of my favorites is the Molecule Man vs. the FF. I can't think of a favorite vs. Spidey but Mysterio, Sandman and (Venom-does he/it count?) have given Spidey trouble in the past. Even though he's not really a villian, you gotta like J.J.Jameson. I only read Marvel and it's been a few years since I've picked up any comics but I would have to say those villians were my favorites.
  • Originally posted by manneman@May 20 2003, 10:35 AM
    [b]Oh, mine must be the Joker.
    The complexity of his character is really something.
    I even got a big tattoo of the joker on my back.

    The joker rules!!! :woot:

    He has to be the best villian of all time! And he looks cool too! :2cool:
  • How about Batman in Frank Miller's Dark Knight mini series. Before his heart attack during the last battle he was giving Superman a pretty good pounding. Supey definitely came out of that one a little bruised. How did Miller get DC to publish that in the first place? Not too often that the DC universe gets that much stretching.
  • Yeah, the joker is pobibly my favorite! I can't think of many more!
  • Magneto. It would be soo cool to manipulate metal like that. I would certainly not be closed off from the school for long.
  • Magneto and Apocalypse are definately pretty nasty enemies for the X-Men but Magneto's better since he has a much more believable personality than Apocalypse who is just pure evil. Also you can sorta asympathise a little with Magneto who is the way he is because of the Nazis and their concentration camps (Magneto was taken to a concentration camp as a child as you saw in X-Men the movie and was eventually rescued by Wolverine an Captain America as saw in X-Men Evolution). As for the Joker well he's just nuts thats all there is to him. Pure insanity, not that thats's necessarily a bad thing it's just not my cup of tea. I prefer villains who are smart, ruthless and just as powerful as the good guys and who will even, occasionally, pull one over the good guys. Which is why I like Magneto and Apocalypse.