No More PS3...
  • Well guys, i finally got up the courage and said goodbye to my PS3.

    To be honest, i don't have too much time for gaming these days and had realised i wasn't enjoying new releases like i used to.

    My PS3 had become nothing more than a Blu-Ray player, a NOISY Blu-Ray player at that.

    So i have sold it along with all my games, controllers etc and invested in a shiny new Blu-Ray player, i will now be concentrating on building my blossoming Blu-Ray collection, this week's addition - Alien : Anthology (6 discs!!).

    So no more gaming chat from me, i will leave that to Wade and Lyndon (they are better than me anyhow).

    I will still drop in and offer an opinion or 2 so you don't get away that easily.

    Catch ya later all.............
  • Oh no....!!!!!! We are loosing one of the original AP'ers!!!!

    It is a sad day for us old timers to see one of the "Old Guard" leaving. :(

    You just be sure to stop by every now and then and let us know how you are getting on....once a gamer, always a gamer!

    It has been my pleasure knowing you Don!!!!!
  • Just because you're giving up the gaming doesn't mean you still can't contribute, Don. Would be great to see you coming around and giving your views on those Blu-Ray movies you're picking up. ;)