erro 80023121
  • Why does this error screen come up when I try to get online? I've done all the steps to get internet connection and I do have a connection. And another thing is that a small window in the right hand corner pops up for a few seconds and it reads (PS3 has been disconnected from media server). I don't know if that has anything to do with my problem. I'm using a modem with a wireless connection, I've tried all the things I could think of, called my internet provider, call motorola which is the brand of my modem so I had no choice to give you guys a call. The internet to my laptop works perfect and its wireless with no connection so I figured my PS3 would work as easy as my laptop does, so I really need to know what the problem is and I really want to get the full experiment:p :confused: of my PS3. Please give me some sollutions. Thanks.
  • That particular code doesn't match with anything in Sony's database (in case you haven't guessed yet, we aren't Sony). All I can suggest for getting regular internet going is to add as much info as you can manually into the PS3's network settings such as the DNS server numbers, the subnet mask and the router IP address.

    As for the "full experience", that won't be had until PSN is actually up and running again. It's been down the past 10 days after someone tried hacking in to get people's information. We've been updating as Sony gives more information via an announcement stuck to the top of each section of the forums.