New 2 PS2 Online
  • Hi All.

    I have an old PS2 (SCPH-39001) & just got a Network Adapter for it. So, I'm NEW to the PS2 Online experience, with absolutely no idea of what to do with it, so bear with me. :confused:

    All I know is that a friend of mine has an XBOX360 who plays online a lot, and he told me that there is a Network Adapter for my PS2, so I got one, and now I am trying to find out what to do with it and how it works. FIRST thing I noticed is that, unlike the XBOX360, it doesn't automatically connect to the internet and show all the neat stuff... so here I am looking for an education, lol. All of you users with all the experience feel free to point me in the right direction!!! Such as, websites, how-to-guides, games, etc.

    I prefer FPS & Role-play games usually, without the controller-extensive contortions to make 1 move, such as - 'To shoot your pistol at the bad guy, simply: Hold L1,R1,L2,R2, R3, then press Up,Down,Left, Right, Triangle, Circle, Square, X, repeat 29 gazillion times, then reverse the sequence for the same number of times, while standing on 1 foot, squawking like a chicken, drinking a glass of water upside down AND singing the Star Spangled Banner in Ancient Swahili - (note, missing ANY STEP of the above sequence will cause action to fail)' or any other similar moves that require 9 hands with 12 fingers on each hand, lol! :o

    Keep in mind that I'm an old fart with a bad memory, so if I ask you to explain what you just said, or tell me one more time how to do something, it's nothing personal... ;)
  • Welcome aboard kc! Hope you enjoy your future visits with us!

    If that is the actual Sony PlayStation 2 network adapter, once you have it attached to the hard drive port in the back of the system (just take off the hatch, insert the adapter and tighten up the screws on it) and hook up the ethernet cable the next step is to run the disc that came with it in the PS2 to set up and save a connection setting on your memory card.

    Depending on the network set up you have going there you'll likely want to enter as much info for this manually as possible such as the router IP address, the subnet mask and dns servers. You'll find all of this in the router itself.