hyperballoid HD trophy
  • Hi, I have a problem with the DLC "original world pack" trophy. In my list of trophy, i have 100% finish, but when I compare with others players, I have 90%, The missing trophy is an hiden silver trophy. We can obtain it when the 50 new levels are finished. I still have finish them 2 times (after deletting my saves and reinstall the game and dlc). But, I still don't have the trophy (he isn't in my list). I still send the problem to the french website (I'm french), but they are not good. I hope you'll be better.
  • If the trophy is not showing up then there must be some sort of condition tied to the trophy on top of beating the 50 levels (maybe finishing each with a top level score).
  • Thank you for your answear, but i still asked to a friend who got it and for the trophy, you only have to finish the 50 levels (no more conditions). Furthermore, why the trophy doesn't appear on my list and why is there 100% on my trophy collection list?
  • do you have any ideas?
  • If the trophy list is showing 100% then you may have actually earned it and maybe not noticed the notification. Impossible to say actually- anyhoo, it's at 100% so consider yourself having completed the trophies (until dlc adds more ;) ).
  • THX but I have to explain one more time: in the original game, there are 10 trophies, I got them and earned 100%.
    Then, The DLC appears, there is only one trophy to finish the 50 new levels. The problem is that I also have finished the 50 new levels, but I didn't get this 11th trophy, I still stay at 100% with 10 trophies, but when I compare with friends, They have 100% with 11 trophies and me I have 90% with 10 trophies (The 11th trophy is a ghost for my trophy list).
    Any suggestions?
  • All I can really suggest at this point is, when they do get the store up and running again, uninstall the game then re-download the game and the DLC and re-play the levels. Otherwise, delete your save and re-do all of the levels.