• I am new to this but i just bought a playstation 3 and trying to grt it connected with wifi without sucess as i am having error 80710102. I have a lynsys rother connect with various laptps without any problems. I am finding my routher with100% signal getting ip address and than this error. Any help would be appriciated
  • That's a very common error (you'd have found it a number of times in the forums with a quick search ;) ).

    The PS3 is having issues with the communication between itself and the router. You can take care of this by editing your PS3's connection to include as much information as possible from the router (Ip address of the router, subnet mask, DNS server addresses) as well as have the media server turned off on the PS3 and disable uPnP in the router.
  • thanks for your prompt replay i will continue and try out your suggestions thanks again mate