PSP won't turn on/charge or even have a light
  • My PSP worked fine yesterday i turned it off when i was done with little big planet and when i went to play it today it was dead. I had put it away all safe and sound its' happy little minnie case and on it's shelf so nothing happened to it. I tried charging it with and without the battery and nothing, no light nothing. I tried hooking it up to my PS3, nada, three different cables that would charge it, nada. I just bought it on Black Friday. What is the deal? oh BTW I am a 30 year old female with no kids and just a husband whom takes just as good of care of our psp as i do, so no kid damage that wasn't reported lol.
  • It's possible that something may have happened to the motherboard when shutting things down last time or maybe the battery is slightly out of place. Try removing and re-inserting the battery. If still not working, you'll want to contact Sony's customer service to get repairs dome while still covered under warranty.