Delete account
  • Hi!

    I really don't not if you can help me but, i still explain my problem.
    I am a Canadian and i create a european account, and yesterday i try to change my password on the site of PSN. Unfortunately i forget my password and for any reason i forget the date, month and years that i need to have a e-mail with my passworld. So i try different passworld and date, month, years, and finally i remember the date, month and years, but now when i got to the site PSN and i click forget password and i enter the date, month and years the site mention a error. But i really need to connect to this account otherwise I can not have access to games i download. Because on my ps3 i delete the european account accidentally.

    So can you help me?
  • Sony has been getting very backlogged with the password reset requests- in all likelihood the error was from to many trying to reset at once. Give it a bit more time then try again (maybe hold off until tomorrow perhaps). If still having issues then you may need to try contacting Sony's tech support (would have to be the support for the country you set up the account for, North American tech wouldn't handle anything regarding a Euro account).