connection problems
  • HI, i hope you can help.
    i moved in with my friends house share back in march, and on the housing estate is a community center with free wifi for use by the residents. now when i moved in i connected my playstation to there nework and have had no problems with connecting or playing online (apart from a bit of lag).
    my laptop is also connected to the network and i have no problem with that.

    since the psn outage i only used the ps3 for the internet, but when the psn came back online i downloaded the manditory software update and all was good, but ater playing black ops for a couple of hours i turned the ps3 off and went out. but when i came back and turned it back on it wont connect to the internet at all, it just comes up with (atemping to obtain ip timed out)

    when i go on to the network setting status everything looks fine until i go down to the ip address and underneath it says (private network only)
    now i dont know if the community center has kicked my ps3 off but my laptop still connects fine. is that the case? or has downloading the update done some thing to the ps3?

    i have searched the internet finding answer's but i cant so i thought i would try you guys. hopefully you can