Pweez help :P
  • I accidently deleted the ps3 account I used the online code of sm vs raw on...and I used same email on another account but it doesn't work...what should I do ._.
  • Those codes for online play will only work once. All you can do is try to set up that user again on the PS3. You would still have to wait for the PlayStation Store to be back online before you could download anything that was from that same account.

    If you can't remember the details of that user then I'm afraid you are out of luck. :(
  • I actually signed in with da same email on a diff account but ps store not back on yet ._.
  • The store is one of the last things that Sony is bringing back in its phased rollout of PSN. There have been reports that it may be back by this coming Tuesday- only thing is, by using the same e-mail on a different psn name you may still find yourself not being able to re-download all that you had before as those are tied to the original PSN name you had. That's why i said to set up that username you had deleted off the PS3 back on to the system.
  • By username u mean User1 etc...?I put that deleted as user 2 but I can make it user 1 again...Is Dat WHat u mean?:P btw.chris daughtry rox!xD

    Oh and..all I need to redownload is the sm vs raw 2011 online axess code :D
  • By username I mean the PSN name you originally used the pass under. You did say you deleted that, after all. The original pass would be tied to that PSN name.

    If you did use the same e-mail address, however, that sounds like all that is needed is to wait for Sony to bring the store back up (possibly this coming week, if reports of a leaked memo to developers are true). The PSN name would be tied to the e-mail address you used originally so, once the store is back, you should be able to re-download the online pass from the store download history.