Worst Breakup Lines Ever
  • The RUles GO as Follows

    Anything Goes as long as its a breakup line

    Mine goes like this,

    Sorry, I Think I went Blind cause I cant see you anymore. :doh:
  • I,ve got one but it's a bit :swear: but here it goes:

    I must of gone deaf of hearing you to much, i'm leaving you and getting a hearing aid.

    ( that was one I made up on the spot) :D ^_^ ;)

    oh and a very cold one is:

    I slept with your sister. It's a good way to get beaten and break up! hehe! :bash:
  • i got one

    "before i thought being gay was wierd but after dating you i understand"
  • :clap: That was Great Hoopz, How come you never told me that one! I Hope you'll never have to use that even when and if you go out with H.B. anyways I got a new one

    I'm sorry, But after Dating you, Curtis grabing my A$$ doesnt seem so bad anymore.
  • Id still go with the patented most favorite line

    "it wasnt you it was me" :unsure: :unsure: :peace:
  • "if I could recifty my actions I couldnt expain to you in words how I felt"

    someone PLEASE explain this one to me I still cant understand it!
  • One of my friends actually used this one:

    "You're short and your hole smells"

    The most direct breakup line I've ever used is:

    "You gotta go, NOW!"

    Those are the only ones that I know that were remarkable in any way. The rest of 'em I've used are weak.

    As for those used on me, I can't recall, as I've effectively blocked them from my memory. Many were loud and profane, though.
  • I cant really recall any breakup lines used on me since i mostly done all the breaking up but here are some that i've used....

    "It would be alot better if you just go someplace else cause seeing you is making me sick." After that we never spoke again.

    "It's not just you its you and your family."

    "I'm not feeling anything for you anymore...well I am but not us being together with people around." That one ended with a slap to face so I never used it again. She was hot i'll admit it i just didn't want to be with her anymore all i wanted was..........yeah you understand...after that i got with one of her friends which really made her mad but now we are talking and.....yeah you understand.