• I am on a ship in the far east and while in Singapore I went up the road and purchased 3 PS3. the plan was to set them up for a mini lan so crew members can play when ever they want if someone else is paying. The problems we have are we can get the PS3 talking to a PC but cannot get any games talk to each other... Do we need any special games to play on a lan that does not have an internet connection?

    Help most appreciated:confused: ..
  • To set up a LAN you don't need to have a PC in there, just a switch/ hub or router with all 3 hooked up to it. Hook up one of the PS3s as the Host then the other two should be able to connect as well.

    Only certain games will be able to play over LAN (mainly shooters like the Modern Warfare series and some driving games). You'll have to check the box/ instructions that come with it as there is no list available of LAN-capable games.