Pissed Off lol...
  • PS Store Really Getting On My Nerves...If Its Not restored Really Soon Imma commit suicide...no promises tho...xD
  • Cracking jokes about suicide is not a wise thing to do, Leonze. It's quite possible some here may have had friends/ relatives that did do this.

    As noted in the announcement at the top of each section there's going to be some PSN maintenance tomorrow. They did say it would be around the end of the month for getting the store back up so just be patient. That $50 you have waiting to load up isn't going anywhere! ;)
  • Nu Its Decomposing...xD...btw when PS store is back can i access it from any country...?
  • You'll be limited to accessing the store set up for the region you have your PSN name set for (the money card would only work for your local region any way, the US). To access other stores you need to have user names set up for those other regions and would need to use PSN cards meant for those regions to load the wallets.
  • Yea My Card Is For USA..and did I mention I h8 how sony never sticks to their dates?

    And lol...did u say ppl actually commit suicides for games and stuff?lol...
  • There have been people that have done very stupid things including suicide just because of something like a game. Still, what i said was others watching this forum may have had friends or relatives commit suicide and joking about something like that is completely tasteless.

    Sony did announce the store will be back up this week on their blog so it won't be much longer.