PS Network! HELP!
  • So, I move into a new place in March. I had to get a new internet provider and ever since then I have been unable to connect my PS3 to the playstaion network. However, I can connect to the internet, I can surf the web and all that. I have friends that have PS3 and they had same internet provider as well as the same kind of router. I have called my provider and playstation and my issue is still not resloved. So i haven't been able to play any games online in almost 3 months! Any ideas oh what in the world I can do to get my PS network back?

    Also when I do try and connect all it has said for the past 3 months is "playstation network timed out"
  • With the change in internet provider would also come a change to be made in the PS3's network settings as well as in the router itself.

    Most likely all that is needed is to set up the port forwarding. We have the ports listed in the PS3 Hardware and Accessory Section (look for the "getting Your PS3 Online - Some Tips" thread.