• I know there's another thread about this, but it doesn't answer any of my questions. Currently, I'm on Linux with my laptop, which is what I use to connect to all my WiFi connections...

    Anyways, I'm using a CTR35 as seen here, Click. Basically, I just plug my USB Internet device into it and it creates a WiFi hot spot or allows me to connect to the web through my PlayStation 3.

    I can connect to the Internet just fine, I can game and download things too, even though I have NAT type 3 I can pretty much do anything. Regardless, it's still annoying, my connection speed is no where as near fast as it should be due to the NAT type, and often when I'm playing with a friend we get dropped from a game due to connection problems. I've read that the problem likely is my NAT type, I've tried several guides to fixing it but nothing is working for me.

    My CTR35 allows DMZ and Port Forwarding, I've tried to create a static IP address but I still get NAT 3.