Really Need Help x_x
  • I Got Online Axxess From One User On My ps3 then made a new user I redownloaded online axxess on it...but I can't access sm vs raw shop...pweez help x_x
  • All you can do is wait on that, leonze- they would be doing the roll out of the store re-opening in phases, much like they did with bringing back PSN itself. Nothing I or anyone else would be able to do to speed that up.
  • I Can Already Go on store...but my first ps3 user I got online code on was I used my 50$ charge on new user with a new account...american one...but it says store can't be works only on australian user.i had this problem long time ago..should I format system..or..xP?

    Wwe shop can't be updated*
  • It is looking to be a matter of too many going on at once when word got out the store is back up- the server is just getting too many requests right now. Relax, take a deep breath and try later on in the day.

    As for that Aussie bit, they most likely did not get their store back online yet (as i mentioned before, they would do this re-opening in phases).
  • I'm Telling U It Doesn't Have To Do With PS store...I had this problem before sony got I bought fan axxess and downloaded said it was installed...but it still aint on my game.
  • Time for a bit of clarification here- what country is your game using the access code for? I mean the game disc itself, not the code.
  • I'm Using The Dics On My USA account...the one I wanna use..xD
  • That isn't what i asked. What country is the game disc originally meant for?
  • How Should I knw That.?xD.but I first entered this site cuz I knew it had to do with sd vs raw 2011...I think some1 working on this site knows :P
  • says australia...xP
  • It isn't that hard. If the disc was meant for the US it will have a Region 1 symbol on the back of the case. If meant for Australia it should have a different region. Also, the game rating systems are different for each area. What is the game rating on the front of the case?
  • Ok then- all I can really suggest is check through your download history of the name you used that code on and re-download it. Other than that you may have to contact the game publisher's own support.
  • I dun need online axxess..I just need to use fan axxess...since I bought it.x_x
  • Oh And is there anyway I can move cash from one account to another?
  • That's why i say you may need to contact the game publisher's own customer support if not able to access it. It would be some sort of technical glitch on their end of things.

    As for the cash move, no. Any cash deposited into the wallet is not transferrable to another, even if from the same region.
  • Ummm well can u help me contact him?:P
  • Best way to get in contact would be to go to the web site and do a search. If nothing is there you're able to post a question to them. There should also be contact info in the manual with the game.