ps2 memory card corruption plz help
  • hello, need some help if ya dont mind.

    problem :- i was in the process of removing and re installing freemcboot exploit on my ps2 sony memory card using the armax method and i decided to delete all the game saves on the card. so i went to the data manager and selected all the game saves then proceeded to erase them this started off fine but at about 40% through the removal of the game saves the process just froze (armax crashed) i waited for roughly 25 min then i had to reset the ps2. when i rebooted the ps2 with the memory card inserted and start the armax to finnish of my install of freemcboot the armax program crashes and this happens every time it is run.

    now if i run the armax without the mc inserted its fine but if i put the mc into the ps2 it crashes when i try to format the mc.

    when i turn on the ps2 without the armax cd in but with the mc inserted and i goto the browser option it shows the mc as being empty but it only shows there being 4123kb of free space (4meg). there is nothing for me to remove from the card, and when i run 24 the game disc and try to save the game it states that there is a problem with the card.

    is there anyway of formatting the mc of using a usbstick as the loader for freemcboot.

    please help cause im lost for solutions.

    ps :- i did read opnline that you can open up the mc remove the chipboard and place a magnet on the chipboard with should erase all data on the card.
    is this posible or just as myth.

  • Sorry, d0uga1, but we don't offer support for any sort of hacks/ exploits/ custom software here. We prefer to run the systems as Sony intended to. ;)
  • ok my mistake ill take into account your comments for future post i may make

    the help i require is not for any sort of hack or modification the help i repuire is for the fomatting of the memory card back to its original state (factory setting)

    the memory card it not allowing any kind of formatting/erasing as it has become corrupt from using the original/retail version cd of action replay max.