• I am on chapter 4 of the game and the part where you have to blow up asteroids for a certain amount of time. Have on easy but I am unable to keep the asteroids from blowing up the ship. Have attempted numerous times with no success. PLz help awesome game but stuck here.
  • There is no real tip to give other than use short bursts instead of long, sustained runs.
  • I too had a heck of a time with this level at first; and there doesn't seem to be a real strategy as the asteroids are too random to figure out a pattern.

    If I remember correctly, what did help was to keep and eye on heat gauge to make sure you don't overheat the cannons and focus on one asteroid at a time.Shooting more than 1 or 2 just results in so many pieces heading your way you can never get them all before they destroy your ship.