i'v forgotten my psn password
  • i have forgotten my psn password. my ps3 automatically logs into psn which isn't a problem but when i try to login on my psp i can't and i can't reset my password because i cannot access my e-mail account. i do hav another e-mail account that i can access so is there a way i can change my e-mail address for my psnn account or is there a way that the rest password can be sent to my accessible e-mail account. pleeeeaaaase help me
  • Because your PS3 logs you in automatically you should be able to change your e-mail address through the PS3's Account Management to the active one, then use the "forgot password" to retrieve.
  • i tried that, but when i do that it tells me to give my password so im still stuck
  • In that case you are most likely going to have to contact Sony's customer service by phone to get this taken care of. The number to call in North America is 1-800-345-7669.

    Once you are able to verify a couple of other bits of information on your account they would be able to get your password reset and sent to your current e-mail.
  • is there a number for the uk or england because that is where i live??
  • You can reach them at 0844 736 0595. National calling rates do apply.