Help with PS3 Online Connection
  • Hey i dont know how to make a forum so im just replying
    Im having a ps3 problem with my connection
    it sais my router ip fragments are not supported and some game features are restricted, so i tryed changing the Ump setting or whateva its called and i found it using CMD it was 1470 with the 28 added so i put it in and i still couldn't connect PLEASE HELP!!
  • Making a new thread is quite easy- just look for the "New Thread" button on the left hand corners of the forum section page. ;)

    It would help to know what brand and model of router you are using so that I can suggest where to make changes. However, one bit I can readily suggest is to check your port forwarding. We have the ports all listed in the "Getting Your PS3 Online - Some Tips" thread near the top of this section.