What is your most frustrating gaming moment?
  • For me, it would have to be in Final Fantasy XII when i had done pretty much everything except beat this (optional) ultimate superboss. It takes most gamers that take the challenge at least 3-4 hours to beat him. I took up the challenge and i was up on my 2nd hour on this thing, then the worst happened. I ran out of mega-elixers (vital to me in this fight). Instantly i went from "surviving" to KO status. This happened to every one of my party members. Eventually, i just flat out lost. It was the most frustration i have ever experienced gaming wise. Anyway, whats your story AP community?
  • My most frustrating, as a general rule, are the idiotic, over-the-top time consuming online trophies. If I like a game I will play it to death, but anymore it seems as if all games anymore require stupid shit like 50+ hours of online play to get certain trophies.
  • My most frustrating was when I was still playing MW2... It was an SnD match on Wasteland. My team was doing awesome. We were winning 3-0. The enemy team was planting. I got killed early on from a hidden enemy in that little bunker. So I decide to watch my teammates. I watched them all one by one kill the entire team except for one guy. He plants the bomb, they find him... I watch as the person defusing the bomb gloats by beginning a defuse and waiting till the last second and letting go. The bomb eventually explodes because of him. I just thought no big whoop. We are 3-1. The other team went on to kick our a@@es and win the game. The most frustrating part about it is watching that guy gloat. And being able to do absolutely nothing to stop him from doing that damn bomb gloat.
  • for me , not being able to sign up for psn ! it says my email or password is incorrect , but when i log into yahoo with the SAME email and password , it works .
  • PS3 Sims 3. First, finding my sim family stuck on a small lot even though they have finally hit over 100k of savings. Then after spending hours on building them a new house on THAT small lot, only to discover their books collection disappeared from the family inventory!! :(
  • Just when I thought the frustration couldn't get any worse :o
    Few days after playing my sims in their new house on the old lot, I saw the Move option on the cell :eek:
    I could have sworn I checked the newspaper, computer and phone for it but it wasn't there :huh:
    Now I'm never sure... if I missed it... *Pulling hair in frustration* :frown:
  • Getting Hewie to do what you want him to do in Haunting Ground !!!!!
  • my moment and still is getting passed the "s" license tracks on grand turismo 3-I've only been able to get through 3 of them the rest are literally impossible does anyone know a code so I can obtain the "s" license and keep racing-I have 90.3 percent complete-you can email me with the code at wolfpack965@gmail.com