• Carriers is a post apocalyptic movie that follows many of the same preconceptions of an infection movie but is set with an interesting time frame in mind. Most post apocalyptic movies take place at the start through the end of an outbreak if it involves an infection or well after an outbreak occurs. In Carriers we get to see between the end of an outbreak that has decimated the human population and the eventual rebuilding process as we follow two brothers and two women trying to survive while avoid being infected. They follow a few very basic rules of avoiding the general populace and covering up when they do need to come in contact with other survivors to attempt and avoid infection. Their goal? A nearly deserted beach that the brothers grew up staying at where they would be able to stay isolated and be self sufficient through fishing.

    Visually the film was well shot and gives us a world portrayed as still nearly intact. There is still electricity and in the areas they travel through there has not been an overly destroyed infrastructure. While the majority of humanity is clearly dead, electricity, roads, shelter, etc are all still intact. Not enough time has gone by to show a completely destroyed and ransacked world by those who are able to survive. It truly had that dreary feel that is brought forth by the well done zombie films that are about a world where we are no longer the masters of our domain.

    An ever ending sea of depression and hopelessness is covering the land and our characters are still able to hold onto a hope for survival. They have a plan and believe this plan will bring them to survival and safety that will allow them to move past the decimation of the human race.


    We just watched this last night, and it was surprisingly good. The storyline was well scripted, the acting was very good, and the overall feel of the film drew you into the movie. You could almost feel the dread and hopelessness of the characters.

    If you like "Doomsday" or Apocalyptic type movies, and are looking for one that is a little different and not full of cliches, you may just enjoy this movie. It must also be noted that, although there are a few scenes, overall the movie relies on great storytelling, acting and camera-work to tell the story rather than gore and buckets of blood.
  • Wade, do you write for a newspaper or anything?
  • General Red said:
    Wade, do you write for a newspaper or anything?

    No Red, but I spent many years at my job as a proof-reader and have written several articles for Graphic Design magazines as well as for some classic horror & sci-fi websites.

    You ought to see me on a live chat though, it's a mess. :huh: