What could've gone wrong
  • I've bought a used PS2 console today and it turns out it ain't working, the guy I bought it from vouches that the console worked without any problems for him and from his story I think it's legit, my thoughts is that the console may have been damaged during transport since we don't live in the same city. I checked out many times if the console or any of it's parts have exterior damage but nothing is visible. Heck, the console doesn't have a single scratch on it, I've been given the actual receipt in the box and it's been bought 3 months ago, can't figure out what could be the problem.

    It's a SCPH-90004 model with an mod chip installed, when I turn it on the power light is green like it should be and there is a sound of present laser activity, though it seems that the motor doesn't move/rotate the disc for some reason. The screen turns black without the bios showing and nothing happens, tried even different cables at a friend's place without any success. I've contacted the guy I bought the console from and he said that he'd pay for any eventual repairs that need to be done. It would be a waste of money to pay a sum of 30-50 euros for it to be repaired in a service if I can do something on my own.

    Any form of help would be more than appreciated, I realize that I'm a new member of this community so that it may be arrogant of me to ask for help right of the bat, but I'm pretty much clueless what to do.