Connection Error
  • Hi,
    Im trying to set up my internet for my playstation 3. My router and everything is all set up. But when i try to set up the internet connection it will saythe connection to the access point timed out, can you help me out and fix this problem?
  • It would help to know if this is a wireless connection or wired and, if wireless, what sort of percentage the PS3 shows for a connection.

    I would suggest putting as much info as you can into the PS3's settings manually (the router's address, subnet mask, DNS servers) as well as setting up a reserved IP address in the router for the PS3 using its MAC Address (found in Settings>System Settings> System Information).

    Details on setting all of this up/ finding this info can be had via the router manual, which should have been installed on to your computer when the router was set up.