• Can someone tell me how to play modern warfare 2 live online useing a ps3 . I have att dsl service with a wireless modem , do i have to pay a fee or something if so where to. its probably something simple my xbox goes online fine with black ops thanks jerry
  • I took your phone number out of the post so that you wouldn't get possibly called by someone pretending to be us and actually trying to do something underhanded.

    I have a feeling all you need to do is set up your port forwarding on the router. If you check out the thread called "Getting Your PS3 Online - Some Tips" in the PlayStation 3 Hardware and Accessory section you'll see the ports that PSN needs along with a link to a site that lends a helping hand on where to go to add these port numbers in (just be sure to use all of the ones we list and not just the ports they say, the instructions overall are a bit incomplete).