Can't get IP Address
  • I'm trying to connect my playstation 3 to a modem recently aquired. The ethernet cable is plugged in and blinking green. The network connection settings list the connection as enabled. When trying to connect I keep getting the same error that states I've timed out for an IP Address and it stops there. I've tried turning off the modem and the system, neither worked. The modem is working fine since the other computers in the house have successful connections. My system has never had a problem before with a router connection with an ethernet cable, but this is the first time trying it with a modem. I don' tunderstand why I cannot connect. Can you help?
  • Mano, the change in connection method (going from a router connection to a direct line from a modem) would mean having to make some changes in the PS3's connection settings. Honestly, I'd leave the router hooked up and have it share the connection to the rest of the place.