NTCS-PAL Need Help.
  • Hi guys,

    I have a problem (like, a huge problem!) with my PS2 and a game I just bought. I googled and googled a thousand times, but got no answer for my question, so I headed here. Basically you guys are my last line of hope. So here's my problem:

    I'm from Portugal, so I have a PAL PS2. But I recently imported a game from the United States, Metal Gear Solid (for PS1), so it's on NTSC format. When I bought it, I had no idea about this difference (I thought PS games were the same everywhere). Now, I'm stuck with a NTSC PS1 game that I REALLY want to play and a PAL Playstation 2 that I can't use to play this game.

    What do you think I should do?
    Thanks for the time spared and sorry about any problem I may have caused.
  • The only way to get that game to work on your system is one we do not support or recommend as it can (and will) shorten the life of your game system.

    I suggest selling the game on eBay (should be an easy sale) then start looking for the PAL version of the disc.