PS1 wont load any games except tekken 3
  • Hey

    Theres a similar thread to this below but i need to find out for certain whats wrong.

    A couple of days ago a friend gave me a ps1 he found in his loft and anouther friend gave me some old games, the PS1 is PAL and all the game discs are PAL, but for some reason i cant get past the sony/playstation startup screen.

    I have about 10 different games like tekken 2+3, abes exodus and abes Odyssey, grand turismo 3 and spyro year of the dragon, but the ONLY game that will work is tekken 3, and i have to leave it in the disc tray for about 2 mins before it will start, the screen just goes blank after the startup sony and playstation logos for the rest/begining of tekken 3, whats wrong?
  • The PSOne's laser is kaput in the disc drive (which explains why it was put away in the loft- he may have forgot about the laser dying). If you really want to play those games you will need to find a newer PSOne elsewhere (or get a PS2/ PS3, either of which will play those games as well).
  • can i replace the laser? or is the entire console screwed?
  • If you know what you are doing with electronics repairs you possibly could repair it but I would honestly avoid the hassle and replace the system itself.