Known Hacker on Ps3 network
  • Ok, who do I contact about a known hacker on the Ps3 network? Myself, and my buddies (full party of 6). We were in Hardcore TDM and this person (BRZ___ANONYMOUS) is hacking. Wall hack for sure, even with cold-blood perk pro, he knew where we all at. Along with that, he also hacked the mic to hear us as well and was able to talk to us and we were also taking to him as well. (though, more cusing at him then anything). Now, who do I speak to about this whole ordeal, because, im aware that the updates were SUPPOSE to take care of some of the hacking problems for Mw2 (Call of Duty).

    Please respound when you see this
    Thank you

    Odjn666 (psn)
  • Pretty sure there is a "report player" option in the menu of the game while playing online. If you can't find that next best thing would be to use Sony's report player form and they would pass along the info to the people maintaining those servers.