Sports Fans.
  • Whos your favorite team(s). mine in Baseball, Id have to say the Boston Red Sox or the Texas Rangers, even though I live in Baltimore, Im an outter stater.
    Flaming dragon cheater.
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  • Well my favourite sport is soccer or as us english call it football. I support chelsea and I have all my life :flex: :peace:
  • On the seventh day, God created the NFL! In 1966 he also brought into creation myself and the Miami Dolphins! I am the proverbial 12th man! I have their logo tatooed over my heart, I kid you not. My home looks like a Dolphins shrine. I will never lose faith, and refuse to take the dirt nap until they gain the Lombardi again. :punk:
  • Mine would be Brighton & Hove Albion, english football team! Now... division 2. Go to all the home games (cost me
  • Well for those who haven't guessed yet, my favorite NFL team is the San Diego Chargers (hence the username). I haven't gone as far as jdm1108 (which by the way, your favorite team just got one of the best Chargers ever - Junior Seau - but you probably already know that ). As for the NBA, I follow the Lakers (tough luck this year) and MLB I again go with San Diego - The Padres (that's no typo, I admit it, sad but true - 2nd worse record in the majors currently) Don't really watch Hockey or Soccer so no favs there. Someday the Chargers will win a Super Bowl :flex:
  • [quote]Originally posted by Daniel M STAFF@May 22 2003, 04:48 PM
    [b] Mine would be Brighton & Hove Albion, english football team! Now... division 2. Go to all the home games (cost me
  • mines also chelsea i've got all the shirts and i've supported them all my life unlike my brother his changes team every week he's a glory hunter
  • Ok, I'm gonna add some teams to my favourite list because, well, if I only have one sport the post would be kinda small, and I'd rather it not be.
    Fave sport = cricket
    Anyway, here we go...
    Cricket: Australia (duh)
    Rugby League: Brisbane Broncos
    North Queensland Cowboys
    Union: Don't really know any teams so go the Queensland team
    AFL: Brisbane Lions.

    And those are all my favourite teams.
  • I quite like basket ball now! My favourite team is probably the new york yankies. There ball play is very good and they play fast wich I like ^_^ . My favourite player was michal Jordan but as he has retierd i'll have to choose another one! :cry:
  • Hmmm.... In arena football, I love the New York Dragons... Did the preditors beat them last saturday?
  • My favorite football team are the Houston Texans!! Sure they only won 4 games last year, but that was a record for wins for a expansion team. Plus the next Super Bowl will be in H- Town. Astros rock for baseball. The Astros pitched a NO HITTER against the Yankees last night first time against the Yanks in 45 years. heh heh heh
  • It was once said "man can not live on one sport alone"

    i like all sports but my fav sports to play are hockey and basketball so my teams are Vancouver Canucks (Flames if they didn't suck) and Orlando Magic
  • Sorry i dont really like sports too much.
  • Of course mine is about skatebording, My favourite team is the Element skate team coz there boards are really nice to skate. but of course my absolute favourite team would have to be Optical skates (video coming soon) team mainly because I'm sponsored by them and we all have a great time when we skate.
    :peace: :peace: :peace:
  • Basketball - New Jersey Nets, NY Knicks, Philadelphia Sixers, San Antonio Spurs, Boston Celtics
    Soccer - Real Madrid (Spain), Manchester, Juventus, AC Milan
    Baseball - NY Yankees of course!
    Football - Jets