"For Japan Only" problem
  • Hello !

    I need help : recently, my brother offered me a game (Dark Cloud) totaly in japanese ! But the problem is that on the cover of the game, there is written "FOR JAPAN ONLY"
    I tried to play anyway and as expected, my ps2 console doesn't recognize it. Is there any chance for me to change something in my ps2 to make it work ?

    Please help
  • There is a way but we definitely don't recommend or endorse it as it also allows the use of illegal copies of games along with potentially shortening the lifespan of your system.

    I would suggest instead to look for a version of the game that matches your own region. Should be an easy enough find at a good price via eBay. You could also sell that Japanese version of the game and use that money toward the one that will work on your PS2.
  • Okay, I see =)
    Thank you very much for such a quick reply !!