Problems with Iron Man game
  • Hi!

    I'm having some trouble with my Iron Man PS3 game. I started out a campaign first on medium and everything went fine until the Arctic Battle map which I after (more or less) 10 hours of trying, decided was too difficult to complete.

    I decided to change to easy which in this game means starting the whole campaign from the beginning. Ever since I changed to easy the game crashes after completing the Maggia Factories map. Every single mission until that works out fine.

    After completion of the mission there is a screen of specs from the mission and then another screen that informs about new available improvements for the repulsors. After pressing X for both the game should continue like after any other mission. At this point my screen just stays black. Both TV and PS3 are ok and working but the game just isn't.

    After checking that the disc has no scratches or other marks I tried to begin the game once more with easy but the problem was still there. I haven't tried again with medium but I think I shouldn't have to, and soon I would end up to a wall again anyway. Can you help me with this? Is this a known bug of Iron Man or am I alone with the problem? Is there for example a code for level hopping. I would like to beat the Arctic Battle map at least on easy and more over, move on from that.

    Thank you in advance :)
  • Only suggestion I have is to un-install the data the game put in your PS3 Game Data folder then let the disc re-install it onto the system. Something may have been corrupted in that which is making the glitching show up.