PSN connection error
  • I have been having an issue connecting to the Playstation Network for weeks now. I have been getting the constant error codes and messages telling me A connection to the network could not be established, or an error has occured and I have been signed out of the network. I emailed support and got the same old suggestions that I get from my ps3 when this happens. I have turned off everything, reset, done numerous connection tests, all with the same exact results. My ps3 is connected to the internet with a wireless connection, as that is the only possible way for me to do it. When I run the internet connection test I can get through both the Obtain IP Address and Internet Connection, but it fails when it comes to the Playstation Network. I went into the router settings to check on the firewall status, which is completely open btw. I remember reading somewhere something about the UPnP setting. I just cant remember if this should be enabled or disabled on either my ps3 or my router. At the moment it is disabled on the router but enabled on the ps3? Should that be changed? The router is a Westell if that is any help to get me going. I noticed a few things on the settings for it that I do not recognize and have no idea if these could be some of the issue. One is a Frameburst Mode? Which is disabled. The other is the Wireless Mode, telling me that its Mixed: accepts 802.11b and 802.11g connections? I am so completely lost right now. The person from support just gave me the list of things to try and when I emailed them back all I got for a response was that they have given me all the info they could. Oh and they told me to disable the Media Server Connection on my ps3, but when I do that I cant even obtain an IP Address.
    Sorry I am rambling from one thing to the other and all around. I just need someone that has maybe been through this before to try and give me a hand at getting it straight. If you need any info please just ask. Anything to help resolve this issue. Thanks in advance!
  • uPnP should be disabled on both the PS3 and the router. The Mixed wireless mode would be correct as the PS3's wi-fi card uses 802.11 b as well as g.

    It is hard to suggest any other settings without knowing the exact model of router/ modem the Westell is (that brand is more of a UK/ European company that we don't have here in Canada or the US). It would also help to know what the signal percentage is when you scan for the wi-fi network on the PS3.

    One last bit I could suggest is to look in the router settings for the DMZ as well as a section to reserve a specific IP address. You could reserve that address for the PS3 using its MAC Address (found on the PS3 by going to Settings> System Settings> System Information). Once that reserved address is saved place that IP address into the DMA as well as add it manually to the PS3's settings. I've also found it a good idea to add in manually other settings such as the router's IP address, default gateway (if asked for) and the DNS servers (all found in the router settings under Status or Connection).