Wireless Home Network problems
  • Hello
    I have recently changed my ISP and also my wireless router. I am now using a SMC8014WN modem/router combination provided by my ISP. I have had no problem connecting my PS3 to my Router and can access, for example, NetFlix. However, unlike my previous setup, when I go to Video or Music on my PS3, it does not pick up my computer and therefore I cannot access my media files on my computer. I have, to the best of my knowledge, clicked all the correct media streaming boxes on my Windows media player but no luck. Any ideas or suggestions would be most welcome.
  • Only thing I can think of right away is to check the port forwarding settings in the new router/ modem. This would need to be re-done if you didn't set it up yet.
  • How do you check the port forwarding settings? I can find the type of ports it hass and the MAC and IP addresses but I am unsure how to proceed.
  • This is normally found in the Advanced section of the router portion, it would be very simply called "port forwarding" or "port triggering".

    The ports you would need to have opened can be found here.