• Hi all!!!!

    Yep its true im still alive :D I would like to apologise for the prolonged abscence!!! Its unfair how life gets in the way of all the fun things sometimes!!

    Even though ive kept in touch with a few people via the old facebook i thought id pop on and say hi!!!

    Havent been doing much gaming recently due to time restraints and if tiff is playing on the PS3 then i cant so ive decided to buy us another PS3 for upstairs then we can BOTH game!!!

    Other than that ive been working a lot (boo) but our fun of the summer came when tiff and I went to Silverstone for the British Grand Prix formula one!! We are both massive F1 fans so this was just an awesome experience and what was gonna be a one off is now turning into me doing lots of overtime to save some money up to go next year!!! We also saw Jenson Button drive his formula 1 car around the streets of Manchester in august which was pretty cool too!!
    And because of this love of motorsport i have signed up to be a race/safety marshal at motorsport events in my area!! I have a taster day at a local race track then its all systems go!! Im sooo excited - and chris gets free tickets to watch the races so he's a happy bunny too!!!!

    Hope everyone else is doing ok!!