not recognising controller
  • controller on friends ps3 and charging throught the cable also.
    but on my ps3, the controller will not charge. I took the controller and cable to my friends house, and they both work, but after bringing home, the ps3 will not recognise the controller. We think it might something to do with the usb ports - we have tried both the ports. we thought it might have been to do wtih the charging cable as this was a new one from argos but this works on friends ps3. the reason why we think its the usb port is that it may have been damaged when original charging cable was connected and game being played and it was hauled out quickly when player jumped up during game, and the cable was damaged. The ps3 is only ten months old. please help:frown:
  • You'll have to call Sony themselves to ask about repairs- the issue is definitely the USB port itself. I have a feeling the quick yank during that bit of over-excitement may have dislodged something inside.