IP Address: Private Network Only
  • Hey guys.

    I've got a problem thats been around ever since I moved into my University halls of residence. First of all, PSN is permissible here and I'm sure others have connected to the network.

    Anyway, I was told by the I.T department to hook my PS3 to the wall socket to connect to the internet; this way I would get an I.P address and they would register my PS3 as a secondary device from their office. Turns out that whenever I attempt to get an I.P address, it says 169.254.xxx.xxx (private networks only) which is, as im told, an incorrect I.P.

    The IT department told me to bring the PS3 to their office so they could register it there. I DID manage to register it there, and obtain a correct I.P, but when I got back to my halls I was still getting the 'private networks only' problem.

    What gives?


    and in advance, I cannot enter my I.P manually, as I need the DHCP to assign me one.
  • If they registered the system and you were able to get an IP address there then you should be able to enter in that exact IP address manually. The IT guys should be able to use your PS3's MAC Address to reserve one for you.
  • I have a feeling that the IT staff here are not sure what they are doing, lol. They open on Monday, so I have to wait, but I am pretty sure they will not give me the IP address in the event of me manually writing it down. I will have to somehow convince the person to give me my IP address which is registered to my system.

    Thanks for the reply though!
  • Lyndon,

    I spoke to the IT advisor today and managed to get the IP...

    however, although it succesfully obtains the IP only to fail connecting to the internet.

    e: also, when I took my ps3 to the IT department, it worked fine in terms of connecting to the internet [via automatic], however, when I'm in halls it doesnt? [via automatic & manual]
  • Something seems to be up with your connection, it shouldn't be making any difference about where the system is located. I would also suggest getting some of the other settings to add in manually like the default gateway and DNS servers.

    If possible, maybe one of the IT guys should check things out when in your room instead of plugging in to their jacks in the IT room.
  • Lyndon,

    thanks for the reply -- is ipconfig /all in cmd the way I get the default gateway and DNS servers that I need to put in there?

    the weirdest thing is that I am using the connection in my room, with ethernet, to write this message.
  • To be sure you are getting the correct numbers I would ask your IT people. Going into ipconfig usually brings up several sets all listed as the same thing.
  • Ok thank you Lyndon! I will update this topic during the week
  • The IT department said through CMD it would be more accurate and told me to do that.
  • bump

    Manual settings doesnt work.
    IP: Succesful
    Internet connection: Failed

    and if it helps my default router shows up as and I get disconnected from the media server and my NAT fails

    Any ideas? :(
  • Only thing left I can suggest is get a router and have it set up to mimic your computer's MAC address then hook the PS3 up through that. If that doesn't work you may need to check with others in the dorm that do have their PS3 online and compare settings.