Why does ps3 slim need to connect to internet to obtain cd info?
  • I don't have my ps3 connected to the internet yet, and Im getting really sick of typing in all the song names, why doesn't it obtain, and is there anyway I can make r4i buy r4i 3d ps3 controller it do it? Also as another question, I have a dan-elec 4gb usb disc, and the ps3 doesn't detect any songs, and they aren't in any folders. Whats wrong? Thankyou everyone who answers.
  • It uses that connection to reach a central database of CDs and their music, which makes it unnecessary to type in all of the titles. So, I would advise getting hooked up to the net asap.

    As for your other question, the memory cards should have no issues- you'd just need a USB card reader to use them. I would trust that knockoff controller to fall apart first and would not go near it. :P The problem with the USB stick may be the PS3 doesn't have drivers for that particular model and, without them, can't see it or what's on it. If this is what's happening there is no way to update for this.