Ice Cream?
  • So what is your favorite Ice cream?
    The Flaming Dragon Cheater.
  • MMMMM..... WEll I voted mint chocolate chip because mint is my favourite flavour of anything and I love choclate chips :drool: :drool: Although i was tempted by the plain choclate one
  • Mine is chocolate, on a good week i can eat my way through a whole tub! Although mint chocolate chip, pretty special too!! :D :feedme:
  • Hey, how come "Apple cinnamon" and "Blueberry" aint in the list?
    those are mine.
    Or wait, raspberry sorbet, gaaaaahh :drool:
  • Out of those? I would go for Mint Chocolate Chip.

    Though it all depends on my mood. If I'm depressed then Twix Ice Cream is fairly satisfying.

    And if I'm feeling very vivacious I will try whatever flavor sounds illegal. :feedme: :drool:
  • I like many others that are not in that list. My favorite is Hoofprints, but it is not there! Out of those, either vanilla or chololate!
  • Vanilla Choc and Mint choc chip are my 3 fav's but out of those 3 chocolate's my all time favourite.
  • I vote other - Boysenberry

    Mmmmmmmmm :drool:
  • i was a straight up choclate eater..but now i like vinilla..or both of them together MmMmMmmm
  • My favorites aren't exactly on your list
    Haagen Dazs - Deep Chocolate Fudge
    Ben and Jerry's - Chocolate Fudge Brownie
    Orange and Lime Sherbet (Does sherbet count as an ice cream?)
    But my all time favorite is Black Cherry...The kind with actual black cherries in it. :feedme:
  • I dont eat stuff that is used for mind control of innocent bunnies.
    Damn the vanilla factories to hell.

    Besides, i like real vanilla better.
  • I don't normally eat icecream but i like the weird stuff like Moosetracks(mmmm......lots of chocolate) when i do eat any. But on the list i'd choose chocolate chip cookie dough. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Mine is mint chocolate chip ice cream. I love mint. As long as there is mint in it, I will eat it. :drool:
  • my fav isn't up there its tiger ice cream but i chose strawberry :peace:
  • I don't really have a favourite, but probably something mint, chocolate with a twist of something (but not caramel) :drool:
  • oh darn you dont have my facorite ice cream on the list you cant tell me you people dont like sherbert its soooo good.:)

  • Oh, this was an easy one, I voted for mint choc. chip!!
    I just love mint/chip ice cream!!!

    That reminds me, should add that to the grocery shopping list! :drool: Thanks!! :D
  • There is no plain Chocklate Chip :( so i will choose my 2nd fav Chocklate :feedme:
  • Dude, I think mint chocolate chip is the greatest of all time!!! Good choices.
  • Originally posted by RedKennypup2004@May 23 2003, 05:14 AM
    [b]And if I'm feeling very vivacious I will try whatever flavor sounds illegal. :feedme: :drool: [/b]

    heh heh

    Don't usually eat it but Double Toffee is great for a sweet tooth.
  • ...and another thread from the past that deserves to be brought back to life.

    For me, I like good ol' Vanilla, second behind that would be Mint Chocolate-chip
  • Gotta love cookie dough

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