works wireless but not wired
  • AFter days of reading forums and trying everything in my router and WMP I can not solve a strange problem. My PS3 refuses to communicate with computers that are wired to my router. My computers are Windows 7. The PS3 is wired to router and can find my wireless laptop as a media server but not my wired desktop. And if I hardwire my laptop to my router it is no longer findable by PS3.

    I have assigned static ip addys to all three - no change. Done everything to WMP 12 on both machines to ensure that media sharing is active and they do see a "unknown device" which has the mac addy of my ps3 (enabled) - no change.

    What is it about the wired connection that makes my computers not visible to the PS3? I can ping the PS3 from the wired computers but the PS3 will absolutely not find my media player.

    I am circumventing the problem by running my media player on my wireless laptop and copying files from my wired computer through the network over to the laptop so I can see them on my PS3. This is a pain.

    My router is a Trendnet TEW-639GR. All cabling is cat5e. Everything including the PS3 connects to the internet fine. Computers are in the same homegroup and find each other and each others WMP fine. Sadly though only the wireless communicates with the PS3.

    Please help make a wired connection to a PC. This is driving me crazy.

  • You probably have to tell the PS3 to use a wired connection instead of wireless by editing the connection settings. If the internet connection was set up to use the wi-fi this is what it would go for.
  • The PS3 says the internet is wired connection and I had never set it up wirelessly. Been wired for years. The only thing that has changed in my setup is my router. I am still lost as to what on the router is preventing a wired computer from communicating with the wired ps3 but allows a wireless computer to communicate with the wired ps3.

    I tried sticking the PS3 in the DMZ but that didn't fix it.
  • Hard to say for sure if this may be a setting on the computers itself or possibly in the router. For now, best i can suggest is check Sony's support pages for the media server.