Ps3 60 Wireless Help
  • I have a PS3 60 and am trying to connect it to our wireless router ... we have broadband cable internet and the PS3 box is connected to our living room TV that uses cable TV. We also have a Wii console that connects to the wireless perfectly in this location (the Wii is currently unplugged). I've tried connecting in both Easy and Custom and it finds the router, but when the WEP key is entered, it just sits (working to connect) endlessly.
    I follow directions well, but am not very "tech savvy" :-) I would GREATLY appreciate any instructions or suggestions you have to help get the unit to connect to our wireless router. Again, I'll need detailed instructions :-)
    Thanks so much ... and thanks for this wonderful forum!!
  • Have a read through our PlayStation 3 hardware and Accessory section, bnatural (where we do our PS3 console help). I've gone over a lot of extra bits down there including setting as reserved IP address up in the router, port forwarding, etc.

    Out of curiosity, what percentage is the connection when the PS3 scans for and finds the router?