I Need Help With Shadowman On Psx
  • I Cant Find The " Calabash " Anywhere
  • The calabash is in Bayou paradise, Louisiana. You don't actually get it until later into the game then have to do some back tracking to get to some of the spots where you use it.

    After the really intense cut scene, grab the two Dark Souls next to
    Agnetta's sleeping body. She'll remain in a coma for the rest of the
    game so obviously you can't talk to her anymore. Exit the church and
    waste a couple of now skinless Rotts. Go past the large square
    platform to the left of the church and slam your Baton into the altar
    behind this platform to enter a hut with a throbbing Govi and some
    Cadeaux. Warp back into the graveyard via the altar. That large square
    platform in front of this altar is where you will receive the last Dark
    Soul and 4 Cadeaux in this Bayou once you have found the Calabash to
    bomb a hole in it, don't forget about it! You must place the Calabash
    ON TOP of the square plate to bomb a hole in it, not on the side of it.

    Go into the back of the cemetary, behind the church, to a locked tomb
    with a Cadeaux in front of it. Blow the lock off of the tomb, enter it
    and drop into the river below by the danger signs. Swim forwards and
    eventually walk knee deep through the water onto a wooden platform.
    Swim into the tunnel straight ahead of you, not the one on the right,
    grab the Cadeaux and swim down the tunnel, then climb a couple of
    ledges to a rope. Shimmy your way across and enter the two buildings
    for Cadeaux and the next Dark Soul. Shimmy back across the rope and
    swim back up the river, then through the tunnel on the left just before
    the wooden platform to emerge in a lake with boat houses to your left
    and right, collecting the Cadeaux along the way. Swim to the boat
    house on the right, grab the Cadeaux behind it, then enter it for the
    Shotgun and a Dark Soul. Go into the other boat house to the right of
    this one and follow the path out of it into a tunnel collecting another
    Cadeaux. Drop down the ledges and follow the path, climb up the ledge
    and follow the inclining path to a Cadeaux. Drop down and walk up the
    incline, under a bridge and into a tunnel with a Dark Soul for you to
    add to your vast collection. Make your way back towards Nettie's
    church, to the boat tipped on its side. Shoot the planks off of the
    door on the side of the boat, enter and drop down into a room with
    three Cadeaux. Walk up the tunnel to receive your last Dark Soul in
    this Bayou until you find the Calabash. On the way to Nettie's church,
    there is a small house you can enter by shooting the barrels for some
    Cadeaux. Warp to Asylum: Gateway.