Grand Turismo Prologue & Network
  • Hello,
    New to these forums and have been searching for days, trying to find out why my Grand Turismo Prologue Game, won't connect to the network, whenever I load the game??

    Every time I start the game, a notice says, couldn't connect to network and I have to click OK and then, the game will load. It has done this from day one, so, I've never had any updates installed yet as I'm sure there must be some? All my other games connect just fine and download updates when they are available. Just GTP5 that won't connect, network tests all test good, I can log into the PlayStation store, etc, etc, just this one game won't cooperate!:frown:

    Any help anyone can provide, would be greatly appreciated.


  • The online play for Prologue was shut down to make room for other games including the full Gran Turismo 5. This is normal practice for games once they have been out for some time.
  • Hi,

    Thanks for the info. So, I just completed all levels of the game tonight, bought,won all the cars, including the Ferrari 2007. It appears that this must be as far as I can go, as I don't have a track I can de-tune the F2007 enough to run on!!:confused:

    Here I was, thinking once I unlocked all levels, I was going to get new tracks and cars?? looks like I need to spend more money for another GT game, called #5? Yes? Otherwise, this game I can still tackle a few levels, I couldn't place with a Gold finish.

    Thanks very much for your time.