• Simulation mode: How do I get the Dodge Concept Car?

    Arcade mode:What are the "Bonus items"?
  • Complete you B License test to get the Dodge concept car.

    Here are the Arcade Mode bonuses and how they are earned:

    Autumn Ring - Win the High Speed Circuit
    Deep Forest - Win the Trial Mountain Circuit
    Dodge dealership - Win the Special Stage R5
    Grand Valley Speedway - Win the Clubman Stage 5
    Special Stage R5 - Win the Grand Valley East Circuit
    Subaru dealership - Win the Deep Forest Circuit
    Toyota dealership - Win the Autumn Ring Circuit
    TVR dealership - Win the Grand Valley Speedway
  • Alright, thanks!

    But, do you remember the Honda Civic (Racer)? the one with the black hood lid?
    How do I get it?
  • Found it!

    At "Lightweight Championship"

    But only pink/black and yellow/black