sony hacking = me forgetting my password
  • So you remember way back when in the days when the PSN shut down for a month due to the hacking incident.. ?
    well during that time, I killed off my old account and created a new one using a completely fictitious persona. Mainly because I didn't want my account to get stolen..

    so here it is 6 months later and now I forgot my password and can't remember what birthdate I used to create the fake account with....

    grrrr.. not sure whether to more upset at myself or at sony?

    any ideas or suggestions on how to get back into my account? There was about $20 in credits that I'd like to use
  • This is why i tell people to write this stuff down if not going to use your actual info. All i can suggest is call Sony's customer service (1-800-345-7669 in North America) and explain the situation. They may be able to use enough other information on the account such as your e-mail, sectret question, etc. to do a pasword reset for you. If not then time to start racking the brain for that birth date!
  • someone hacked my psn account and change every thing i tried to message sony but they told me that they accept from the us and i'm from saudi arabia
    can any one tell me how can i reach them
  • You would need to contact the Sony customer service for your own region to have this taken care of if this was an account set up for your own country. If there is no PSN set up for your region and the account was set up as a US locale I'm afraid there may be no way to get it back- as they said, they only handle US customers.
  • ok can hack hack my account back
  • whats the number of saudia arabia sony customer care so i can call them
  • Looks like there is no phone number for your area but I did find an email address to try. Send all the details to [email][/email] and they may be able to help you.