• I have an issue where the controller goes insane, it acts as if I am rapidly pushing buttons and renders games unplayable. If I reboot the system everything is fine for a few minutes and then it starts again.

    I thought I had a bad controller, so I bought a new one. The new controller does the same thing when I play games.

    I tried both USB ports and the PS3 is up to date on patches.

    Any ideas?
  • These controllers are corded models made by someone other than Sony?
  • one is the Sony Wireless controller, the other is a wired non-Sony controller
  • Well, if it was just the wired controller doing it I would chalk it up to a faulty controller. If the official Dual Shock 3 is also doing it, however, you may have yourself a faulty system. If you are still within the one year warranty period I'd give Sony a call.
  • Thanks, that sucks - it's well passed warranty..had it about two years.