Wired connection at University Accomodation
  • Hi,

    I'm at university and I have my ps3 in my room.
    The connection is wired.

    Here is my problem: I can't play games online. However I can sign into PSN and visit the PlayStation Store and all that stuff at the home screen, but when I try and play a game online, it says something like the servers are unavailable.
    When I run a Internet Connection Test, everything is fine until it gets to NAT TYPE, it then takes ages and says 'Failed'.
    I've read other forums that say you have to go into the routers settings and change something there, but I can't as all I have is a wire coming out of the wall.
    Any help would be welcomed!
    Thanks in advance!
  • You'll have to talk with the people that maintain your campus network. Most times these are tied down pretty tight and most, if not all, of the ports that PSN needs are closed by default.