Need more variety in Used Car Section!
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    First off, I should say how much "I love this game". It's awesome how realistic it is. The only thing to make it even better, would be pedals with force feedback! I'm hoping that Logitech makes a set one day? I'm at 96% competed and those last 4% are going to be very tough indeed!

    As the title says, I'd love it if you could add to the different type cars one can acquire in the used car section? One can only use so many RX-7's and Nismo's and the like. I love MoPar!! That is when I grew up, but you are only putting out 70's/71's. How about some 67's through 69's, Challenger's, Chargers and Cuda's? Even a rag top version with the top down would be great! As for Chevy's, a 55 through 59 chevy would be awesome, a 57 Chev if I had to choose. Also, some 65 to 68 Z-28 Camero's. One of my all time favorites, is the 67 Malibu SS. So, late sixties Malibu's a 69 Pontiac GTO- Judge? Sweet cars!

    Heck, even a Chevy Vega would great to have and tweak it up with all it will take. Currently, all I have is the 65 Tempest. Very similar to the GTO. As for Ford's a 69 Ford Mustang Boss 302 with black stripe, Orange! A buddy used to have one, fantastic car! Some mid sixties Ford Falcon's, a 66 Comet SS convertible. Wow, that brings back memories, as my favorite uncle used to have one, very rare to see one like that around. Red, with white interior and top.

    Being a statistical type of guy, it would have been nice if the game kept track of total credit's earned throughout game play and even better, keep track of how much was spent on each car to purchase and maintain? The cost's of maintaining the LM Racer's and Super Cars alone will eat up a million credits each time. A conservative guess for how many I've spent would most likely surpass the three hundred million mark, as I tune each and every car or truck I get! I'm at 383 car's and counting. Probably not for everyone, but I sure would enjoy such stat's. If you are able to put out some of the car's I've listed, I will be one happy camper!!

    I thank you for your time regarding this matter and look forward to your reply.

    Best Regards,

  • I think you have us confused with Sony here- we have no say at all in what goes into any game. We're just an independent web site doing our best to cover PlayStation gaming.