• hi all....its been a while since i posted coz ive been emerced in ff7 and ff8....but i was wondering has anyone ever recived the "prize" from the turtles paradise manager....there is a sign out the front of wutai pub saying if you read them all you can get something....has anyone ever done it ???and is it worth it????
  • I have played the game for a long time now and I have forgotten about that don't worry I'll be playing it again for you......Laterz...
  • You get every source and an Elixir. Visit my site and ill give you the list of all the signs and where they are. To The Staff Please dont delete my site here, im just trying to help out.
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  • Here's a list of all the places to find them and what you get out of it. You can decide for yourself whether it's worth it or not. There are six of these flyers scattered throughout the world.