• Apparantly there is this thing coming out and it's like the simpsons but british?? :blink: I personaly like the idea and think it will be a great hit but it won't be as good as the real simpsons. I don't know where I heard it from or know whether it is true! Anybody know anything about it?? :think:
  • i aggree i am getting anoyyed when watching on bbc2 and they start saying $20 i am not a cash converter, im just lazy
  • Really? I wonder how thatll turn out? English humor is usually a crack up so it may be a hit! :clap:

    :peace: OUT
  • I've heard something about an "English Simpsons" too, probably somewhere on this forum i think, although i'd heard differing report's, namely that it's going to be c**p. I love the Simpsons, always will and nothing will better it! I've searched google and the forums but can't find anything about it... if anybody does know anything post it in here! All i can say is if it is true, it better not be made in America, in every American show, Simpsons, Fresh Prince of Belair every English man is supposed to speak "posh" drink tea and say "blimey"! It's funny for a while, but a whole series of it... i couldn't take it!!
  • if anybody does know anything post it in here![/b]

    Well thats why I posted this thread dan so I could understand what was going on or if it was true!!! :blink: :blink:
  • Apparently it's based on a family from Leicester. Agree totally that it could never be as good as the original!!
  • A family from leicester!!! What ever next! :blink:

    p.s I swear theres another person on here called homerman :blink: